Transcriptions of 6 important solo piano pieces as played by the legendary Art Tatum. Includes a thorough analysis of Tatum's style plus notes on the solos and a. - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Duke Ellington - Michel Petrucciani - In a Sentimental Mood. 5 jazz solos by art tatum - - songbook.

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    5 Jazz Piano Solos By Art Tatum. Home ยท 5 Jazz Piano Views 4MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Art of Piano Playing: A scientific approach. Read more. download the note for note transcription of Hallelujah by Art Tatum, from the original recording. You will be able to download the PDF as soon as the payment is. pdf download: PDF icon [Art_Tatum,_Frank_Paparelli]_5_Jazz_Piano_Solos_By. pdf. IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS NOT SHOWING CLICK HERE TO LOGIN OR.

    Express To The Midi Links Those who were closest to Art Tatum during his life shared one secret with the great jazz pianist--the knowledge that he played best in the "After Hours" before friends and fellow musicians at informal get-togethers. After hours a man played strictly as he pleased when you're not being paid for your services, there are, after all, certain privileges you can expect. He played as long and as late as he pleased And the after-hours that Tatum really came to life. As the evening wore on, and after several other guests had performed informally, Tatum was asked if he would like to play. Art was obviously feeling relaxed and ready to play, for when he was not ready or felt that he was being pushed he could be extremely unaccommodating when such a request was made. But on this night he sat down willingly at the piano and played for hours with obvious relish and pleasure. Here was Tatum playing for a group of friends, playing whatever he pleased, playing as long as he pleased--this was the completely spontaneous, untrammeled, magnificently creative Tatum who could never be caught in a recording studio.

    5 Jazz Piano Solos By Art Tatum - PDF Free Download

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    More than one famous jazz pianist has said that they thought that there were two pianists playing on this recording. They couldn't believe that one person could play all that with just 2 hands! Once Tatum became established as a professional musician, he put together a piano-guitar-bass trio. This combination influenced later groups such as the Nat Cole Trio.

    It seems to me that Tatum used the trio as a way to make his music more palatable to the general public. His playing with the trio was less dense than his solo style and the group generally played simpler arrangements than Tatum would have played while "on his own.

    This is in large part due to the producer Norman Granz, who frequently brought Tatum into the recording studio for his series of recordings called Solo Masterpieces and Group Masterpieces. Many horn players found it challenging to solo over Tatum's accompaniment, which tended to be "busy," to say the least! To my ears, he was sometimes going for a type of melodic interplay that recalls the earlier New Orleans polyphonic tradition.

    I was lucky enough to study with the great jazz pianist Billy Taylor, who had known Tatum very well. I once remarked to Billy that I didn't think Tatum was a very good accompanist. Taylor replied, "Well, he could when he wanted to be.

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    Listen to the record he made with Ben Webster. Here he is, playing Jerome Kern's song "Yesterdays" on television, which is the only complete song he played on video.

    I think I've watched this clip about a hundred times! Yesterdays For all his technique, one of the best aspects of Tatum's playing is his swing feel, particularly when he played in a relaxed, medium swing groove.

    Here he is, playing one of his favorite songs, "Sweet Lorraine," which he recorded 21 times in all. To round out this survey of Art Tatum's music, I'd like to include two more pieces. The first is W.

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