Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Butler-Bowdon, Tom, 50 success classics: winning wisdom for work and life from 50 landmark books. 50 Self-Help Classics - Midlife Maverick - 50 Success Classics Winning wisdom for work and life from 50 landmark books Tom. ISBN Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Butler- Bowdon, Tom, 50 success classics: winning wisdom for work and life.

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    Mar 18, Get Instant Access to PDF File: #68c31ee8 50 Success Classics: Winning Wisdom For Work & Life From 50 Landmark Books (50 Classics). Editorial Reviews. Review. I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning. “This incredible book gives you the very best of success literature ever written – in one easy book that you can read and reread for years. I hope it sells a million!.

    All you have to do is to act on them, making them your own. Prosperity is best appreciated as a circle in which money is first attracted and created, then managed well and shared to good effect. However, it is also true that the abilities to attract, create, manage, and share wealth are important to living a contented life, and many of us seek to be better off financially not to amass money for its own sake, but to be in control of our time and spend it in meaningful ways. The idea of prosperity suggests that we are stewards of wealth who create it from existing resources and eventually give it back in some form. There is no real satisfaction to be gained by the thoughtless plunder of natural resources just to make profits, or by being a mindless consumer. However, wealth that is created in a way that involves the least possible harm to people and the planet is certainly part of the circle of prosperity. While many would argue that it is the fantastic growth in wealth over the last century that has caused our environmental problems, it is also true that without continued prosperity we will lack the resources to research and invest in new energy sources, for instance, or repair what has been damaged. For some, there is still a stigma attached to the pursuit of wealth. However, if you understand wealth creation as part of the larger concept of prosperity, nothing should hold you back. You have a duty to yourself and the world to maximize resources, use your imagination, and work hard to bring new, valuable things into being. In taking this larger view, you may find that it is possible both to be well off financially and to live with a good conscience. Titles on the attraction of wealth clearly constitute a whole genre on their own, and a selection of them is covered here. The business biographies try to inspire or reinspire the entrepreneur in you, and the titles on personal finance aim to provide a vital, practical education in how to manage and grow what you have. Wealth creation does not happen in a societal vacuum, therefore also highlighted are some of the landmark titles and most thoughtprovoking reads in economics and political economy. The book also highlights a handful of inspiring titles on how to give wealth away intelligently, to those who will do most with it.

    It is founded on our thoughts; it is made up of our thoughts. If you are miserable, it is thanks to your despondent thoughts. Be kind. Do you ask for truth? Be true. What you give of yourself you find; Your world is a reflex of you. Of course, he notes, we can be affected by external events, but we will be swayed by them only to the extent of our understanding of the power of thought. He gives the example of two men he knew who both, when young, lost their hard-won savings.

    The other man continued to mourn his loss and his bad luck, which duly snowballed into even worse circumstances. To one the loss was a blessing, to the other a curse. Allen observes: If circumstances had the power to bless or harm, they would bless and harm all men alike, but the fact that the same circumstances will be alike good and bad to different souls proves that the good or bad is not in the circumstance, but only in the mind of him that encounters it.

    This is not just metaphysical theory. Cease to be a complainer, he says, because the more you complain the tighter the chains that bind you become. If you are living in poor or cramped accommodations, keep your space spotlessly clean and make it as charming as possible; only such an effort will attract the house that you deserve. If you are suffering under a terrible boss, absorb the negative comments and see the situation as an opportunity to practice patience and self-control.

    In time it is you who will become strong, mentally and spiritually.

    There is no practice more degrading, debasing, and souldestroying than that of self-pity. He saw this time not as a luxury but a necessity: If you would walk firmly and securely, and would accomplish any achievement, you must learn to rise above and control all such disturbing and retarding vibrations. This is a method of replacing a troubled thought with one of peace, a thought of weakness with one of strength.

    In our busy world it can be hard to believe that strength comes from silence, yet many people note that their most valuable ideas and their most loving acts are born in moments of stillness. Our worries are mostly illusory, the result of either ignorance or lack of faith. In collecting our thoughts, we can avoid being enslaved by our changing moods and the need to control other people. Allen writes: Give up that narrow cramped self that seeks to render all things subservient to its own petty interests, and you will enter into the company of the angels, into the very heart and essence of universal Love.

    He goes on to say: There is absolutely no other way to true power and abiding peace, but by selfcontrol, self-government, self-purification. To be at the mercy of your disposition is to be impotent, unhappy, and of little real use in the world.

    As they become highly valued, they are showered not only with money but with love. Anyone can gain wealth if they try hard enough, but prosperity and peace of mind only arrive at the door of people who have first mastered themselves. You can pursue wealth directly, but it is wiser to perfect yourself in the provision of service.

    Even in the midst of riches you will remain virtuous, seeing yourself less as an owner than as a steward of divine abundance.

    Allen affirms: The way to true riches is to enrich the soul by the acquisition of virtue. Outside of real heart-virtue there is neither prosperity nor power, but only the appearances of these. The early Protestant merchants created fortunes because they had gold-plated reputations for honesty. The trust bestowed on them was the result of constant refinement of personal attributes that they believed were required of them by God.

    Yet you do not need religious faith to understand that the greater your moral depth and courage, the more you stand out from your peers. Money alone can make you financially rich, but to be both rich and happy you must be able to live easily with yourself. No work on refining your virtues honesty, diligence, sympathy, and so on is ever a waste, either in a spiritual or a material sense.

    The more abundant such qualities, the more easily riches are attracted to you, compared to people who only chase short-term gain. In its emphasis on the power of the mind to create circumstances and with its metaphysical underpinnings, The Path of Prosperity was a forerunner of books such as The Secret, and has been an important influence in the selfdevelopment field.

    At only 30 pages it is a little treasure. At 15 he was forced to leave school and work in factories when his father, who had left for the United States to find work with the intention of then bringing his family over, was robbed and murdered. Allen was employed with several British manufacturing firms until , when he began to write full time.

    Moving to the coastal town of Ilfracombe in Devon, Allen settled down to a quiet life of reading, writing, gardening, and meditation.

    In a decade he wrote 19 books, The Path of Prosperity being the second. Allen died in Just as a tiny acorn contains the power to grow into a mighty oak tree, each dollar bill has the power to grow into a mighty money tree.

    So-called ordinary people are much more vulnerable. You will have time to adjust. You will be safe.

    50 Success Classics Winning Wisdom For Work and Life From 50 Landmark Books – Tom Butler Bowdon

    Allen I n the s, Robert Allen notes, most families could survive on one income. These days, most families need two. In the future, we will need multiple streams of income to be truly prosperous. People think that having a good job means security, but if something happens to that job, prosperity can turn to poverty with amazing speed. Widening your income sources provides peace of mind, because you know that if one stream dries up you not only have others but have the time to find more.

    Most readers will be looking to make money at a faster rate than over a lifetime, however, and this is where Multiple Streams of Income gets interesting. Wealthy people are not afraid to spend money on getting the best tax advice available. Generally, the longer the timeframe before a download, the less you will pay as oil magnate J. Allen notes that some people are great at finding bargains, but then do nothing constructive with the money they save.

    The main difference between the rich and the poor is this: Poor people see money simply as cash in their hands, to be used as soon as they get it.

    Tamil books list

    You are paid to be in a certain place at a certain time, doing certain things, so however much you earn doing it you are on a sort of treadmill. Wealth is when small efforts produce large results. He spent over 1, hours on the book and had zero return for two years.

    I wanted a royalty. Software designers, artists, inventors, and film actors can all earn royalties for things they did or produced once.

    Real-estate owners get a continual flow of cash from paid-out properties. Win big in real estate People engage in a huge array of money-making schemes, Allen notes, when the simplest and most powerful is right in front of them: property.

    How many people get a 20 percent return from the stock market, Allen asks, over such a long period? Warren Buffett perhaps, but he is one in a million. With only modest property appreciation, the average home owner makes money while they sleep. However, even if the property market is not appreciating, you can still do very well with real estate using a little knowledge and creativity.

    This is not about taking advantage, more that you are solving a problem for them that ensures they avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure, while also making a good profit for yourself. Hundreds of thousands of properties go into foreclosure every year. You only need to find one where you can solve a problem that delivers you a bargain property, and this can set you up for life. Getting your own home is an important first step on the road to wealth.

    I am convinced that many of those who read this book will then be encouraged to read or re-read "the real thing. I like reading success books. I wonder which one I should read next. Well read 50 of them by reading this one book. This is like holding a success library in your hand.

    After reading this book you will know which other success books are worth your time.

    Tom Butler-Bowdon: 50 Success Classics Book Summary

    What better leverage of your time can you get. Kindle Edition Verified download. This is my favorite series to read just before going to bed. Each chapter is a quick summary of a world class success book. I finished the first chapter and then went back to site and downloaded the full copy of the book from the summary.

    This is not just a mashup of comments and quotes from famous books. The author has taken the time to communicate the key points from each book. This book will remain on my Kindle for he long haul, I see myself going back to it over and over. I enjoy these books I have several because they give me enough information about the books for me to decide whether or not I want to read them individually.

    It is an excellent time-saver and helps me to avoid downloading books that I may not be interested in. More than that, the summaries give me a rounded overview of books that have information I may want to know but not enough to read the entire books so this is an excellent time-saver in more ways than one. See all 45 reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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